Summer Sailing Camps & Classes 

About Camp Gifford

Let's move the clock back  a little bit.....

The summer of 1897 and 20 tents pitched in Kansas City's Fairmont Park. That was the first known Salvation Army camping experience in the United States. Some twenty plus years later in 1921, then called Camp Cougar, located outside Spokane. The Salvation Army camping experience in the Inland Northwest had begun. Over 100 years later, Camp Gifford is still in operation, giving children a positive outdoor experience. 

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Adult Sailing Class $250 *4 Saturdays* 9am-12pm

Adults will learn the basics in 14 - foot 420's which are sailed by two people. Classes will include classroom lectures and as much on-the-water practice as possible. All sailors will be required to complete a 50 foot swim check, capsize, and recovery drill. Dates are June 30th, July 7th, July 14th, and July 21st. No experience needed. 

Youth Sailing Camp 2 week course

Ages 7-17 *9am-12pm*
Monday - Friday $250

Campers will learn the basics of small boat sailing while doing fun drills and games designed to practice boat handling skills. A great introduction to sailing! Campers will learn to sail two-person 420's. All sailors will be expected to complete a 50 foot swim check. Our instructors are USSailing certified. Available June 25th through August 2nd, 2022. No experience necessary. 

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Why Sailing?

Sailing offers us a unique medium to teach more than just the practical skills of how to sail. Sailing offers peace and tranquility, along with excitement and adventure. Along the way, there are many opportunities for personal growth and team work. There are few things more liberating or empowering than being in control of a small boat skimming across the water using only the power of the wind and a few simples machines. Our hope is that junior sailors embark on a lifelong romance with sailing after we expose them to its joy. 

Program Goals

  • Learn confidence in oneself and one's own abilities

  • Learn to be a good teammate

  • Learn to be a good leader

  • HAVE FUN! 

where do I sign up?

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Right here on this website at or

 Call (509) 233-2511