What do you want me to do for you?

Part of the process of hiring and training a camp staff is creating a culture that is contagious. Not like wear a mask and stand back, but wow something is happening there and I want to know more. One of our goals is to create a ministry culture that is contagious. Core values that are full of life and light. Ministry can happen at the lake shore just as easy as in the chapel pew if you have the right culture. When you have over 100 acres of pristine land, you need to be prepared to talk about God in non-traditional settings. Maybe that’s why there are a lot of beautiful, empty churches.

A while back I was awarded a scholarship to a Zappos Insight conference in Las Vegas. Self described, Zappos (zappos.com) is a customer service company that happens to sell shoes. They have created quite a buzz in the for-profit world with a very non-traditional approach to business. Instead of talking about how to increase profits and grow the bottom line, they talk about how to treat your employees, and the importance of living by a set of shared values. Unorthodox methods for sure, but one thing was very clear, their employees were engaged, dedicated, and loved coming to work each day; an absolutely contagious culture. I walked away from the conference thinking this is the for-profit business model of church.

So where do we find the Biblical model of contagious culture, the book of Acts. The pew you sit in on Sunday started with a rag tag group in the book of Acts. In Chapter one Peter and his buddies decide that they need to hire a new Apostle to replace Judas. Peter makes the case to the group, they pray about it, and then they cast lots to choose the person! Can you imagine using that model in ministry/business today? You justify the need for the position, you clarify the qualifications, you narrow the field to a few candidates, you pray about it, and then you flip a coin. Heads gets the position.

I’m not advocating the coin toss, or casting lots as the new decision making matrix, but those men were on to something. In Acts 1:24 it says “They prayed, ‘Lord you know everyone’s heart. Show us which of these two you have chosen.’” After praying they didn’t wait for a sign, they didn’t do a second interview; they didn’t even make a decision. The prayer was the decision; the rest was in God’s hand. We all know the rest of story, that group of 120 exploded in to thousands, now millions. It was a pretty contagious culture. Unorthodox methods that’s for sure, but maybe sometimes that’s what we need: flip a coin and get out of the way.

Should I work at camp this summer, shouldn’t I? I’m just not sure what God wants me to do? I’m just not sure if I can afford it? What about all the other stuff I want to accomplish? All I can say is if you have read this far you are probably thinking about it. So pray, make a decision (flip a coin or swing by camp and we can draw lots together), and move forward in faith. When Jesus asks what we want Him to do for us about the incredible situations in our life, remember that He doesn’t work in commonsense ways, but only in supernatural ways.

“What do you want me to do for you?”

“Lord, I want to see,” he replied.

Luke 18:41 NIV

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