Camp Gifford Superstars

Gifford superstars are people that are willing to use their time and talents to grow the Kingdom of God. No one I know in my short time here more defines the word than Dylan. The first time I met Dylan, he told me about how God had woken him up in the middle of the night with a vision about working at Camp Gifford. As we talked more I came to find out he was just recently married. I said, Dylan, is your wife going to work too? He said no. Red flag.

Without knowing him well, the thought of a marriage falling apart, a husband trying to find a way out all entered my head. Turned out to be nothing farther from the truth. Dylan and Paige love each other very much, and now that I know them a little better, they have a real passion to do ministry together. Dylan’s obedience to God’s calling was a sacrifice that he and Paige had decided they needed to make. For almost 8 weeks Dylan served away from his wife, and did it with a commitment to excellence. He never complained, never wavered in his commitments, and never neglected his responsibilities.

When you are working 24/7 for a long stretch of time it can become tiring. Tired people tend to get short and a little cranky. Ok, I tend to get short and a little cranky. I can remember several times this past summer where tough decisions needed to be made and when my response was short, Dylan would lead with grace. In those moments I grew to see wisdom in a young man who has his eyes and heart fix on Jesus.

Over and over again I felt like God really did give this young man a powerful vision to mentor campers and staff alike in a closer walk with Jesus. We did this program called the Jesus Walk on Thursday nights. The basic idea was it shared some of the profound moments of the life of Jesus on earth. One week the staff was just not giving their best, and the performance showed it. Later, as we addressed it with the staff, I can remember Dylan getting a little angry, because that performance was so important to him. Not because he was the star of the show, because he wasn’t, but because he cared and loved the kids who came to camp so much that he didn’t want anything but the best for every child.

Dylan and Paige are now attending a ministry school in California, to prepare them for full time ministry. They are going to be great team, and I believe a little stronger for the time they both gave to the ministry of Camp Gifford. I miss Dylan, his contagious personality, and his passion for Christ. A Camp Gifford Superstar.

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