Camp Gifford Superstars - Beemageddon

Armageddon is a term that is often associated with great gloom and doom. The end of the world. Not something you would traditionally associate with summer camp. It’s a little dramatic, but I need to tell you story about this past summer as a way to introduce a Camp Gifford Superstar.

We did this thing we called the Jesus Walk. Using our summer staff we acted out different parts of the life of Jesus. Each vignette was done at a different location with the hopes of bringing that scene to life. Jesus would walk on water by the lake. You get the idea.

When we first had the vision to do the Jesus Walk, we knew that we needed someone to take charge of this event and make it happen. So before we even started our orientation, we asked our Camp Nurse, Nicole Steffenhagen, to take the lead. She is smart, loves Jesus, and leads by example. It was a big responsibility with a lot of work attached to it, but she said yes, and we knew that yes meant the job would get done.

Fast forward and we are doing the Jesus Walk for the last time, the last camp of the summer season. The first scene takes place out in the back fields at a little shed made to look like a barn. It is a depiction of the birth of Jesus. The scene went off without a hitch. But as the group got up to walk to the next location it happened. Not Armageddon, but we affectionately call it Beemageddon!

That fateful night as I was walking amidst a group of boys I notice that there were a lot of bees just flying around very close to the ground. Then suddenly the little boy to my side started crying because he got stung. As I tried to comfort him, I too got stung. Soon lots of people were getting stung. Right in the middle of the Jesus Walk, it turned out about 25 or so staff and kids got stung. And who was in charge of the Jesus Walk program, you guessed, Nicole, our Camp Nurse.

Nicole hanging out with Camp Staff

Being one of the first to get stung, as I brought a group of boys to the infirmary, it was like a triage for a hospital. I got stung three times, I got stung five times, I got stung on my forehead, the room was packed with kids, ice packs, and Benadryl. Right in the middle of the chaos, directing traffic, checking medicals, keeping kids calm, and making sure everyone was cared for was Nicole.

Despite all the commotion, without the leader, the Jesus Walk carried on without a hitch. Meanwhile back in the camp infirmary, Beemageddon was under control thanks to our amazing Camp Nurse, Nicole. Safety is of prime importance at Camp Gifford, and Nicole worked tirelessly to make sure every child who came to camp was loved, cared for, and safe. Nicole Steffenhagen is a true Camp Gifford Superstar!

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